backgroundMarco is an international photographer specialized in the fields of properties, product and portraits photography. He makes photographic work for leading architects in Italy, international artists like Gail Gosschalk, brands such as Sotheby's, Chrysler and gourmet networks. He has also worked with various reputable journals such as “MasDeco”, being one of the most important magazines in Chile, and the worldwide known magazine " AD" in Italy and China.

Marco began his professional career just with his camera experimenting photography by himself. He gained the professional title on the " Scuola romana di fotografia" where he learned a tremendous technique that currently gives him inspiration from the shapes, contrasts and drain lines, in all his productions. Thanks to his technical skills, combined with an undiscuss italian style he edits his own photographic productions, providing a comprehensive, profesional and artistic service to all his customers.

Main duty stations: London, Rome, Beijing.